We’re Mr & Mrs B, we live just outside Leeds in the north of the U.K. We love food, craft beer, neurotic rescue dogs (note to self, need more of these), wierd vintage stuff, geeking out & exploring.

I’m Mrs B, lover of crafting, Disney, Jack Daniels, vintage stuff, Pinterest and photography. Hater of dessicated coconut, spiders and Summer Pudding (just why?!?!!).

Mr B loves guitars, computer techie stuff that I don’t understand, Welsh rugby union & being from Sheffield, drinks Hendersons Relish by the pint. Dislikes fish, wasps and will make an odd whinnying sound when surprised by mice.

Crazy rescue dog 1 is Cleo, 10 years old, we rescued her when she was 4 and had been horribly neglected. She’s as stubborn as a mule (that’s the terrier in her), has selective deafness unless you’re unwrapping a cheese slice, and after 3 pretty major operations is now cancer free, we love her very much. AKA Weasel, Piggles, Weaselly-Wockety-Woo.

Crazy rescue dog 2 is Sheldon, a 4 year old French Bulldog crossed with a butt-hole. We rescued him at 20 weeks and were his third family, because he was the a nightmarish puppy from Hades. But, with his big sister’s help, he’s now a hilarious little clown of a dog with major Napoleon Syndrome. We love him very much. AKA Shelly-Belly-Boos, the Moog, Chubbs.