Santa?! I know him!!!!!

I love Christmas decorations! I love them I love them I love them. The tree (real obvs) constantly goes up so early each December that it’s usually a dessicated crispy husk by the 15th, and downright balding by the big day itself. Plus my love of heavy wooden decorations can lead to a humerous catapult effect as the branches dry out, good for startling the hounds. This is my haul this year to date and it’s not even peak shopping time for my preciouses yet so I can’t rule out more! See something you like? Well, you can’t have them they’re mine!!! Or you could buy them from the glorious retail establishments detailed below.

Fa la la la la indeed!

Victorian Santa wooden star £4.50 Bacchanalia (Walton & Co)

Circus light up letters £5.00 M&S

Santa Naughty or Nice sign £1.99 B&M Home Bargains

Wooden luggage labels £1 B&M Home Bargains (I know!!)

Versailles Fleur de lis €13.90 Palace de Versaille (like something from Liberace’s Bordello but what’s a girl to do!)

Golden acorns £2.50 John Lewis

Golden glass Pineapple £5.00 M&S

Up House £11.95 The Disney Store


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