Straight off the plane…

We had a pretty uneventful flight, aside from some age old questions. Such as why does East Midlands airport smell like arse, why the lady thought salmon pink culottes in a size too small was a good idea and why we got saddled with Mr “have you ever flown from Charles de Gaulle? You can’t take tweezers on to a plane but you can buy a model of the Arc de Triumphe that you could totally fashion into a weapon….” in the queue for boarding. We were able to delight in Ryan Air’s chicken nugget and chips meal, paired with a nice luke warm Chardonnay. It occurred to me that if the plane went down at that moment and they examined our stomach contents in millennia to come like peat-bog Charlatan Tollund Man, the shame would be more than I could take…..

Within 10 minutes of landing though, we’d managed to buy an oven/hot plate combo, mugs, pastis glasses, toaster, kettle and other awesomeness. So nothing had better happen to derail operation house purchase or we may have to open a French soup kitchen…. Onion of course.

One comment

  1. lovin the blog Vics, keep it coming….. and keep the hairy one grafting, otherwise he’ll just sit in the corner with his guitar!


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