Had a really pleasant morning today. Car in for service, not a big thing, but the garage is 20 mins away, so hubs loaded up the dogs and we dropped off my car. Couldn’t decide if going home was worth it so decided to explore a town that’s pretty close to us, Osset. Not remotely influenced by wanting to visit the epic beer shop we discovered at the Wakefield Rhubarb festival. Nope. Not at all. Can’t prove a thing…

Had lots of fun, great little vintage and collectibles shop on the outskirts. I need the Gilmore Girls dolls house, and there was a fab celery jug but too many dollars for my liking so was a brave girl and walked away. Couple other great independent shops, vintage bookstore, interiors shops, boatloads of crafting emporiums, from pottery to knitting and cake making. The beer shop was as great as I hoped, see my sneaky little IPA haul. All rounded off nicely with a dirty spam sandwich eaten sat on a low wall outside the town hall in the sun. How charmingly Northern!

Despite my usual warning to the hubs about the egg yolk bomb that will be lurking inside said dirty sandwich, the weapon of chickeny destruction was detonated as per usual. I may have to get him Scotchguarded….

In other news, Osset town hall looks a lot like Main Street Station at Disney World so a nice burst of happy place to round out my Spam sandwich. Good times!!


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