Tuesday rant.

Hi guys, time to let off some steam. 

What is the point of Spud-u-like? Discuss. 

Tonight is an exciting night. Mobile phone upgrade night! I’ve been into store and sat with an actual person and it was relatively painless. I even paid for the lovely nerd to transfer my data so I didn’t bugger it up – delightful! It’s rose gold and pretty, and I have a lovely new case for it, happy days. This in itself is bittersweet as I had to bid farewell to my Mickey Mouse case, thinking – hello Disney store! But no! Disaster! No iphone 7 cases at all! Given that my new-born must be protected from birth I have settled for one from Paperchase, but it’s not the same sniff. 

As I had an hour to kill while they did the data transfer (how do people possibly tell the time without their phone by the way?) I thought I’d better eat.

Trying as I might to stick within the joyless confines of Whispa Gold anonymous (Slimming World) it was either Subway salad or Spud-u-like. I have a Subway salad regularly enough, but today given the abject misery that was the thought of Ryvita for lunch, only to unpack lunch and realise the Ryvita was still in your kitchen leaving you only with crab stick pate and crudités, any more health and I might have gone feral. 

So, in the interests of diet friendly compromise, and last having a Spud-u-like circa 1993, chilli and cheese jacket it was.

Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans – how much!?

What in the name of all that is holy causes a humble potato to cost the best part of £7. Is there an Irish famine that has escaped me on the news?

It was small, disappointing and thermo-nuclear and eaten with child friendly cutlery, because that’ll save you from third degree gum burns! All served to you by a disinterested  yoof that clearly would rather have been at home watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, spud in one hand, mop in the other. 

Anyhoo, the thing is updating now so if you need me you’ll have to send a raven. (Game of Thrones back at the weekend OMG OMG OMG!!!)

TTFN xxx 

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