Larging it in a kagool. How do you even spell kagool?

There are times in your life for absolute firsts. Last night’s first was going clubbing in a pack-a-mac. After the Ibiza BBC proms last year, orchestral reimaginings of old school dance classics has become a bit of a thing. Although I will forever be a rock-chick first and foremost, I did spend a sizeable chunk of the 90’s dancing on top of a speaker bellowing , peace in the valley, peace in the city, peace in your soul, while probably wearing a pair of Alessis and a strappy frock. I was cool once I promise. I think…..well I was certainly thinner and my hangovers didn’t last a week.

So last night’s addition of the Opera North orchestra to some serious tuuuunes, was a lot of fun. Strange mix of 40 somethings in their layers and waterproofs, and the hotpanted glitter smudged yoof trying to get in on the action. We invented this children, so bugger off! 

There is a special place in hell for people that take golf umbrellas to outdoor gigs. It’s not acceptable frankly. You will put a poncho on and look an arse like the rest of us. I don’t care if you’ve got a hideous snakeskin jacket that probably will start to reproduce like a gremlin if it gets wet. Not my problem. 

I danced, even if po-going these days involves holding your boobs while trying not to pull a hamstring. 

It’s always fun being sober in a big city on a Friday night. Big shout out to the girl with the dress so short that a mere dropped pound coin would have gotten her arrested. My mother would have insisted on accompanying me into town yanking the hem down every 3 or 4 paces. 

Big shout to Rachel for a very fun night, even if the weather sucked!! 

TTFN xx 

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