I can smell Christmas!!!!It’s probably just fumes from the sloe whiskey soaked Christmas cake that I need to somehow find time to ice but it’s Christmas none the less!

I am writing this from my office at work, while listening to Heart Christmas radio, wearing my Christmas jumper and a too tight for my massive noggin polyester Santa Hat. The hat is giving me a headache and I may pass out due to heat exhaustion but I cannot remove it due to the worst hat hair a person has ever endured. I could fully be mistaken for a member of Slade….

I have heard Michael Buble about 36 times today in one version or another, the songs start to repeat after a while, you get a few hours before they start scraping the bottom of the barrel with the Carpenters, a right pain in the parum pa pum pum….

Wrapped all presents last night, feeling smug as you like, I have a Christmas night out with Big Sis to look forward to tonight – (a Grimm Fairytale themed Xmas market no less) and my work Christmas Party tomorrow night so good times.

I just have to make it through to 5.00pm and I’ve survived another one!

I have heard very many horror stories about Saturday’s festivities, including an award ceremony and our lookalikes… I already know that I’m Fizz from Coronation Street, the guys have tipped me off. Do they not know that I hold their pay reviews in the palm of my hand the gits!

Given some of the other ones I’ve seen flying around the office I feel I have been let off rather lightly…… as the chap that apparently looks like the seal from Finding Dory will find out…

Tomorrow heralds a trip to the hairdressers clutching a picture of Paloma Faith’s fabulous vintage hair. Wish them luck my friends. They’ve requested I turn up with clean dry hair that has no product in it, which means I’m basically going out looking like a Thundercat. There may or may not be pictures depending on how this goes.

Hope you’re all feeling suitably festive and counting down the days until eating Celebrations for breakfast in your pants is socially acceptable!


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