Crazy Weather

Howdy folks,What the Dickens is going on with the weather at the moment, it’s gone nuts!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon, peering out of the window in my office cheering every time it showed some real blizzard potential and then booing every time it turned back to rain. The child part of me (the majority shareholder) still gets very excited at the prospect of proper snow, as if we’re still going to get sent home early because the school’s boiler has gone and we can go down the back of the Post Office fields with our sledges until we’re soggy and knackered and frozen.

Once again adulthood throws you another punch to the kidneys. Snow is now a thing to be feared instead of rejoiced in. Where do I need to be, how will I get there, how long will it take. Do I need to take my big coat? Or a shovel? Or a thermos of tea?

Last night, pretty much bang on rush-hour, down it came. You start to have in-depth discussions mainly devoted to the subject of “settling”. Is it settling? I think it might be settling! It’s settling, it is, it’s settling! Mild panic sets in.

Our country comes to an absolute standstill when faced with an inch of icy hail/sleet/snow on an untreated road. The slightest camber or elevation becomes a terrifying thing to traverse. You have no traction, your steering wheel turns at the slightest pressure, as if you’re driving a fairground dodgem. You can’t see the road markings any more, you’re incredibly tense and you are really regretting not having that wee before you left work.

And yet, in the midst of traffic carnage, people are still driving too fast and too close, and making questionable manoeuvres to gain precious little advantage in the queue for the traffic lights. I just don’t know what’s wrong with people. We’re all not having fun here, why is it OK for you to block off a yellow box junction and make a bad situation even worse, and even more dangerous?

Finally made it off the roundabout and saw a car facing the wrong way with an ambulance in attendance. It is not worth risking yourself or others just to avoid having to wait for the next cycle of green lights people.

I made it home – just, after navigating what we call “the big hill” in pure terror and with no discernible brakes. It’s the one time this dry January I could have happily poured myself a very large glass of wine!

I hoped beyond hope that I could just swoosh the curtains back this morning to view waist high drifts and beat a hasty retreat back to bed. But alas, it was just not to be. At least it’s Wednesday and that means downhill into the weekend! Let’s drink to it blowing a blizzard (tea of course), but only if we’re fully stocked up and have nowhere to be except under a blanket watching it come down!


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