Operation hobo-wife

Good lord today was a great day. Firstly, no Sunday blues yesterday, not a sniff of them. Secondly, sleeping well on a Sunday night is unheard of. Also nailed that! Whoop! 

I have not stopped all day but I’ve loved it. Listening to loud angry music while cooking is a beautiful thing. Bread, soup, Sri-Lankan veggie curry for tea. Boom!

2 loads of washing and 2 dishwasher loads done. Dogs walked, and a full hour of French done. Hoovering has actually happened (until the Dyson ran out of puff, it just can’t keep up). No real cleaning yet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that…..

So much going on on the bird table. The West-side Story type Robin feud has escalated today. They are usually just mildly disdainful to each other, but today I’m sure there was an attempt at arse pecking. Robin 1 needs to watch himself though, Robin 2 looks like he’d glass you in a bar fight, no messing….

Day 1 of being a parasite pretty successful I’d say. I’ve even had a wash!

TTFN xx 😀

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