Tripadvisor rating 1*

Howdy folks. I’m writing this from a horizontal position, due to over-enthusiastically entertaining last night.

We were delighted to finally meet Lorraine and Gary yesterday, myself and Lorraine have been regularly emailing and messaging for well over a year now, their farm being about an hour and a half from Maison Rosbif. That’s the awesome thing about doing this, you get to talk to people you’ve never met, and if you’re very lucky you also get to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t. I’m very thankful for that, it’s like a perk of the job.

So, they took a detour in their camper van en-route and we had a very enjoyable afternoon, which turned into a very enjoyable evening.

They had a nightmarish trip down, avoiding the toll roads and skirting the Paris ring-road, so the late morning ETA slipped into mid afternoon, I was starting to get concerned for their welfare. How they managed to be such good company on 3 hours sleep is beyond me….

I know Gary in particular is concerned about featuring in this blog post, so don’t worry, the single star rating isn’t for you guys. But I got your attention!

How to be the perfect houseguests.

1). Arrive in your own accommodation

2). Bring French Patisserie

3). Bring hostess most adorable duvet set as a gift (after looking for cycling bear and rabbit playing maracas – bonus point for being additionally thoughtful)

4). Be lovely people

Trip Advisor guest rating 6******


5). Wash up last night’s carnage because Hobowife needs to remain horizontal

6). Make own tea and toast because Hobowife still needs to remain horizontal

7). Leave kitchen tidier than when you arrived.

Hobowife Trip Advisor hostess rating 1*

The 1* is awarded purely for introducing you to the dark arts of both Rum and Prosecco. Thank god that I didn’t have any rum, can you imagine?!

I am reminded that red wine is not my friend, why do I never remember that when I’m drinking it. That’s it now, 2 glass maximum limit is now in force. I should be next door ruining our new kitchen some more today. Yep folks, due to me having to drill my own pilot holes, who drilled right through the front of a drawer yesterday? I said a very bad word indeed. Like, the worst word. The Voldemort of words.

I literally cannot wait to leave the kitchen review when this is done. As an ex-packaging buyer, they’ve clearly done a little cost saving exercise with the packaging, you have to open 3 boxes of badly labelled who knows what to construct a drawer unit. The runners aren’t with the carcasses, the drawer fronts aren’t with the sides. Could you not just put everything you need to construct the single thing you’re building together FFS!! I would gladly have paid an extra £500 for pilot holes for example. While a cheaper option, it’s certainly not cheap, so I am mildly irked. Thankfully I only added 2 drawer units to the plan… this rate I’ll be giving the Taj-Mahal’s construction time a run for its money. I mean, it’s not like this has to be done before the electrician starts or anything……

Time to discover if eating something is a good idea….

TTFN xxx

Photo taken at 7.30am this morning, in my Mickey Mouse PJs, trying not to throw up.


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