Blog vs Vlog…….

Morning all!

It’s been a year since I’ve last written a blog, I know not why. Perhaps it’s because I stopped reading other people’s and started really enjoying watching vlogs on YouTube instead. I have set up a YouTube channel, called Rosbifblog of course – what else, so I’d be super grateful if you’d stop on by and subscribe because 26 subscribers is frankly pathetic!

Link is below people, pretty pretty please…….

Yes my previous posts have been fairly amateur to say the least, but I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’m planning more content (I’ve ordered a very exciting bit of kit to help with this), and I’m teaching myself as I go. Editing is now much easier thanks to my MacBook and I’ve found I actually really like talking crap into a camera, whether you all like it or not remains to be seen…..

Meanwhile, I hit a bit of a milestone on Instagram – 8000 followers no less, which blows my tiny mind!! Instagram remains my medium of choice, part of the issue with YouTube for me has been the change in orientation of filming, I’m so used to filming in portrait for insta, that it really takes some thinking about to switch to landscape for YouTube content. You can’t easily switch after the fact without the resulting video just looking wrong and not fitting the screen, so I have kicked myself on more than one occasion when I’ve filmed something that I then can’t subsequently post.

Also should point out, unlike pretty much everyone else it seems, this is just a creative outlet for me, I don’t have anything to sell you, I don’t get off on my follower count – (although I’m super humbled by it, and extremely thankful), I couldn’t care less about advertising revenue, I have no Patreon account. Let’s face it, it’s been a ridiculous year. I haven’t been able to go back to the UK to visit my Mum for nearly 18 months now, I’m not a fluent French speaker (yet), nor am I the type to throw my self into meeting new people, because we’re a happy self contained unit of 2 and we don’t really want or need that. That said, social media, and the friends and community I’ve made through it have really been a shining light through all of this. The thing that really makes me do this is the feedback I get from people if I’ve made their day a little brighter, articulated something that’s particularly resonated with them, or inspired someone to make, bake or grow something. That’s my happy place. Does that make me needy? I really hope not, but if it does then I’ll own it.

A few people had asked me recently why I’d stopped blogging and that they’d missed it. I still think of it as a journal that sometimes other people read, and I think I’d lost sight of that fact that other people sometimes did actually read it. My not reading blogs anymore in favour of watching them was perhaps misguided, sometimes there’s no substitute for the written word, however enthralling the setting, the music and the sweeping drone shots may be. It made me think of writing in a new light again, and even writing this I’m reminded that I do really enjoy it.

So hello again dear reader. I’m sorry you’ve found yourself neglected, and I promise to do better. Theres a place in my life for writing and video so I shall endeavour to give you a little more of both.

Laters, V x

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