We got to a quarter to dark, and there was still no sign of Figaro. I grabbed my coat and a wholly inadequate torch and went to check her usual haunts. My first encounter was with a lovely big fat hedgehog just bumbling across the grass behind the barn. Inside the barn I found a worried looking Barney (default expression) and lots more rustling in the woodpile. I think the hoggers are coming out of hibernation, and the noise has slightly freaked out my sensitive boy.

He came with me to the bottom reaches of the garden while I shamelessly meowed and called her. I didn’t really want to go outside the perimeter as we are still under curfew and my torch was about as dim as Liz Truss. But there was no sign of her, so I went inside for backup and we both walked about a km calling her with no luck. I glanced behind me and there was the silhouette of a cat walking down the road against the gloom. I thought Barney must have followed us but that would be unlike him, sure enough this cat was smaller, grey and white, and clearly my missing little git! She trotted between us back up the road to home, heeling better than many trained dogs, like butter wouldn’t melt. There we were, 2 grown adults, standing just the other side of our own garden boundary, waiting for said fugitive to have a leisurely poo in a ditch. I mean, come on Figs!

Both cats are now safely fed and curled up in their hallway residence snoring. Order has been restored and now I can relax into a nice calming Netflix documentary about Rwandan genocide.

I’ve decided not to chase Instagram again until Tuesday, then it will have been a week. Quite frankly all of this is getting quite boring now. I can barely even be bothered to type that last sentence……

Since 11.30 this morning, after setting an alarm on Alexa, and receiving a link to the presale at about the same time, I have been trying and failing to purchase tickets for the opening Wales games for the 2023 rugby World Cup in France. I dutifully click on the link for the presale tickets and am directed to a queue to “improve my user experience”. That’s totally fine, pre-sale doesn’t open for 30 minutes so I’ll try it on 2 devices and patiently wait. I rocketed to 32% progress in the queue, which after 20 minutes dropped to 25%, and then 19%. Only in France could a virtual queue go backwards. Gradually my queue number continued to climb again, and after an hour and 45 minutes I was rewarded with – “Its your turn!”. Of course 2 seconds earlier I was only at 72% and had just taken a bite of a sandwich. I knew what I wanted, I tried to buy them, and got the soul destroying, our site is very busy, we suggest coming back in a few hours. Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Can’t even organise a virtual queue France!! You say on your website that 500,000 people had registered for pre-sale. Did you not think a few of them might log on to try and buy them??? I keep trying, without success.

It’s raining, cats are in their beds in the hall asleep. I’ve eaten too much home made lemon curd and given myself heartburn. Not cool.

It’s now 3.10pm. Presale started at 12 and the site is still screwed. SIGH….

I’m in a pre queue, queue now, an hour later. This is not going well.

Also, currently, 68 people have sought me out on Instagram (you lovely bunch), but I’ve followed just over 200, all people that were previously following me before. Isn’t it funny that people that wanted to follow you when you had 8000 followers, are now not interested when you only have 20. I think following back is just good manners, but where has that gotten me….. I wish I could muster the energy to care, but I genuinely cannot. *insert very lazy raspberry blowing noise. Whatevs…..Perhaps they don’t realise the new account is genuine?

It’s just before bedtime now and the podenco is at the vets in the morning for a toes and teefs spa day. It seems her teeth weren’t in great condition when we re-homed her, Spanish hunters would have fed her on pretty much anything so she’s in for a mani-pedi and a tooth clean.

I’m secretly hoping that when Craig collects her again tomorrow she’ll look like Ryland….



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