Doggy Day Spa

Well, I tried to log in to the World Rugby website again this morning, only to be told that all the special pre-sale “follow my team” bundles were gone, and that I can try again during general sale on the 18th. Well I can hardly wait for that fresh hell. Yet there I’ll be, clutching my debit card in my frustrated fist.

Freya has gone to the vets this morning for her Hollywood Smile treatment and mani-pedi. Craig took her (he’s very sad about leaving his baby girl there), and as per usual in French vets it seems, the aneasthetic goes in while you’re still there, so injection, one dog with buckled knees, and sleep. We will pick her up later on to see if she has indeed gone full Ryland.

I need to finish editing a YouTube vid, just haven’t had the inclination for the last few days, but not much left to do on it I don’t think. Meanwhile, the bulldog, not used to being solo, is a bit out of sorts. Barney tried a Dukes of Hazard style jump over him from half way up the stairs this morning, and neither party was particularly impressed with the outcome. Barney is sulking and now outside, Figs is relishing the peace and quiet of having her bed to herself.

We repotted the 5ft lemon tree last night because is was shedding leaves and looking most unhappy in the hall, too close to the radiator I thought. It’s been heaved onto it’s little wheelie trolley so it can go outside on the front step in the summer months. Meanwhile it does look kinda awesome against Farrow and Ball’s “Studio Green” in the living room. Lemon count, still 12. I have 3 frozen lemon peel husks currently running in the dishwasher (they were stuck together). When you’ve juiced and zested, stick them in a freezer bag, and every so often pop one in your usual cycle. Zingy fresh clean plates and de-greased dishwasher too. You’re welcome.

Drumroll please!!!!!!!!! My instagram is back!!!!!! They’ve reviewed and apologised for the inconvenience. Don’t worry, I’m sure my stomach ulcer will heal in time.

I’ll write the post about the hows, why’s and wherefores tomorrow, I’ll do my best to try and help you avoid the same thing. The relief is huge though, and thanks to everyone that follows me for the warm welcome back.

What has happened though, is that I’ve started to enjoy writing again, so worry not, my daily blogs will absolutely remain. I’m thrilled by how much my blog engagement has grown in the last week, so there has been one definite positive from all of this. Also, thanks if you’re someone that’s followed my blog or commented in the last week – it’s been lovely.

In other news I’m pretty sure that mice have eaten about 60 euros worth of tulips and anemones. I have 2 tulips popping through the soil and nothing else. Little arses. If they don’t appear then I’ll use that border for flowers in the summer. What’s the point of barn cats if they don’t defend my perennials from threat!

Had a lovely solo walk with my bulldog this afternoon, sun out, cuckoos and woodpeckers punctuating the usual buzzing and chirping of the French countryside. Life’s not so bad really is it?

Freya is home and apart from not being able to eat until 8.00pm tonight, is fine, has lovely shiny pearly whites, and shorter nails, although they are industrially sharp. We’ll deal with that tomorrow. Apparently though was shrieking like a banshee when Craig arrived to collect her and had been since she came round. Poor thing did not like being caged, probably going back to the 2 years before she was ours. It’s ok floof, you’re never going back there.

Laters….V x

Carrying on at the vets is exhausting, Nurse Sheldon looks so concerned.


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