Morning all!

Thanks for the great response to yesterday’s blog, appreciate it, and I hope you’ve been able to take any action you needed to to protect your Instagram accounts.

If the weather forecast holds true, we should wake up to snow in the morning. My Husband rolls his eyes whenever I say this, as the number of times I’ve proclaimed snowmen, and snow angels and snow…. other stuff… we’ve woken to nothing, absolutely rien.

The cats are in the hall because it is bloody cold out. Barney has reverted from being a lovely cuddly potato, to a right grumpy scratchy bitey thing, so knickers to him today. No ear rubs for you. Figs is just in constant explore mode, last night was asleep on one of the dogs beds in the upstairs office. Freya has fully recovered from her teefers being cleaned and is back to being her usual antisocial self, asleep on our bed until a fridge door opens or a treat tin is rattled. Normal service has been resumed. Sheldon is never far from me, but when the fire is lit, he’s never far from that.

Busy having a good old tidy. The dining table has been overrun with craft stuff, and I confess, the mirror I used for our Xmas eve table centrepiece was still there….. Warhammer models had gradually overtaken, leaving us increasingly eating meals on the tiniest fraction of the 6 seater table. Enough! The table runner and place mats I made last year are all winter berries and evergreen, time to retire them until the winter I think, and inspired by really enjoying making a table runner recently for my friend Helen – (Hi Helen), I think I’ll treat myself to some spring/summer fabric and make myself a new one. The one I use in the kitchen the most is all fallen leaves and pine cones so it would be good to have something to switch out when everything else is in the wash.

I’m going through logs like there’s no tomorrow so I’d better go and bring a wheelbarrow full round from the woodshed.

I’ll wage battle again tonight with the Rugby World Cup tickets website and cross my fingers and toes. Oh the prospect of going to some Wales games is just too much. I miss Cardiff on game day, go if you get the chance, there’s nothing like it.

Footnote, I did not manage to get Rugby World Cup tickets in the 2nd pre-sale after another 3 hours of trying. Rugby is now dead to me. I might start supporting another sport, like when the Olympics is on and you suddenly become obsessed with curling, or archery….

Tea was garlic and lemon chicken with Greek Rice. Both recipes are there on my Pinterest at Rosbifblog on the recipes to try board. It is very lovely to be able to pick lemons from my tree – lemon count now 11. By some miracle it still isn’t dead.

Laters……. V.

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