The Carolina Reaper

I’m supposed to be resting. I’ve had a few back twinges on and off, but the last couple of days I’ve had pins and needles off and on in the balls of my feet, sometimes my shoulder blades, and sometimes in my hands, like I’ve tweaked a nerve or something. I took some anti inflammatories yesterday, not because of any particular pain, but just to try and sort it as I have so much to do outside and I need to be able to bend and lift. Problem is, I can’t seem to sit still. It’s now 3.30pm and I’ve just sat down for the first time today. I’ve also lifted a load of dahlia pots outside, and been stood up sowing more seeds, chard, cabbage, butternut squash, spinach, and pricked out some marigolds. I’ve had no choice but to put the greenhouse staging up in the gite next door because of lack of seedling space. Dahlias now on the bottom 2 shelves, and seedlings I’ve moved from in here onto the top, with another tray to take across when I bring the Dahlias back inside later. My Perlite has arrived today, so I’ve been revitalising my seed compost by making my own blend. 8 parts compost, 2 parts vermiculite, 2 parts perlite. (I don’t know who I am anymore). It’s really improved the texture and seedlings are geminating faster (I was just using vermiculite up to today). I’ve tied some peas to their sticks and done some re-organising. I had planned to just try to sit still with my feet up, but I can’t seem to do it. Yesterday I roasted a chicken with an Indian Spiced butter, made lentil Dahl, and naan breads instead of going for something easy. I am an idiot! At least it’s left overs for tea tonight so nothing to do but re-heat. Oh yes, I made pasta salad for lunch instead of having a damn sandwich! I’m my own worst enemy.

In other news, my always eagerly anticipated order of spices has arrived. Some things I struggle to get here, good crushed chillis, mustard seeds, dried whole chillies, Szechuan peppercorns and basically more chillies. Never enough spice in anything here and we like it quite hot. Foolishly, I ordered some Carolina Reaper (my WWE wrestling name), chilli powder. I’m too terrified to open the bag, let alone use it in anything. The husband nearly went blind when he chose the top level of spice in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Orlando once. They range from 1-15 in terms of heat level. I had some 7, 9 and 11 from memory. I’m pretty good at spice but I figured the top numbers would be hell, and I’m not kidding, my level 11 heat was borderline painful, but I managed it. I then looked on at the husband as his eyeballs started to sweat, congratulating myself on my life choices. We were both terrified to go to the loo for the next 3 days……

For reference, jalapeños are 8000 on the Scoville scale, the Carolina Reaper is 2.2 million! USA Weapons grade pepper spray is around the 5 million mark and it’s pretty much the only thing above it on the scale. I ordered some Caribbean Scorpion chilli as well for some variation, and mainly the cool name, not realising it’s number 2 on the Scoville scale with 2 million. Oh god.

I’ve promised Craig some kind of chicken wing marinade but he is fully on his own. I’m a chipotle, ancho, poblano kind of a girl. I don’t need to melt my intestines thank you very much indeed!

In other news, my rat sacrifice has been accepted, and his little toothsome corpse has disappeared overnight, as is always the way. Barney had left me a desiccated mouse husk in front of the French doors next door this morning, but if it’s crispy it doesn’t go on the wall. It’s important to have rules.

Laters……. V x

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