I was lucky to have the whole row to myself on my flight, plus no one directly in front, to the side or behind me. I still Dettol wiped the seatbelt buckle, tray table and arm rests, because it just seemed sensible. I had a horrendous chocolate croissant that tasted of coconut oil and disinfectant mid flight, plus a cappuccino that also sucked. I settled in to a podcast (You’re Dead to Me – Lord Byron), and the flight seemed to take 2 minutes, despite my 5.30am start I was still feeling quite chipper.

This is where the paying 5 euros extra each way to pick an allocated seat closer to the front of the plane really paid off. as soon as the seatbelt sign went off I jumped up, helped an elderly lady down with her case and then sprinted off to the terminal. As I looked back from the building, the rear stairs hadn’t yet been positioned against the plane, and I was about 8th in the queue. I showed my passport to a lovely Scottish customs officer, and he asked me some questions about how long I’d been in France and the purpose of my trip. He said “aw you’re off to visit your wee Mammy”, with a lovely Scottish lilt. I tried to show him my passenger locator form, and he said he didn’t need it. No-one has looked at it either end to date. I was through, in seconds, and my case was just coming through the conveyor belt doors as I reached the luggage carousel. I think I left the plane and got into arrivals in no more than 5 minutes.

I’m now happily ensconced at my Mum’s and I’ve ticked a few things off my to do list. Eye test done and glasses ordered. There is a slim chance they might be here before I fly back, but otherwise they’re going to my sisters and she’ll post them on. I know I can get free glasses in France but the Doctors/Opticians hokey-cokey that’s required to sort them when I needed new glasses pretty desperately, this just seemed easier. I am now in the realm of needing separate reading glasses, but the prescription has been super tweaked for very close work only, although I didn’t fess up that I really needed them to be able to paint Warhammer figures, I just said “for crafting”…… I also managed to scarf a Gingerbread latte (because Costa don’t do Pumpkin Spice lattes – what ?!), but only after waiting about 25 minutes as there’s only one extremely hard working person working all the coffee machines, managing panini, cutting cake etc. She was working super hard, and people were being really short with her in the queue ahead of me because they’d had to wait. Incidentally, she was Eastern European. I made a point of telling her I didn’t know how she was managing so brilliantly by herself. Massive Gingerbread latte, a toastie and a huge piece of carrot and walnut cake – yes please!! Had a quick stop at Holland and Barrett for Vegan Collagen Gummies and some Magnesium Cream for Mum, who hasn’t been sleeping well. She put it on her feet and legs last night and had the best night’s sleep she’s had in ages. Hurrah!!! Next a good old meander round Sainsburys. I bought, Marmite, HP Sauce, and Oral B Satin tape dental floss. We’ll gloss over the reduced Habitat bedding, and the plethora of new jumpers from Tu. I miss Sainsburys sooooo much. I might have also bought 6 cans of Ben Shaws Shandy, which is the standard accompaniment to proper Yorkshire Fish and Chips, which I had last night – hurrah!. Another tick.

Today I’ve dutifully registered my day 2 Covid test online, administered the test and posted it off. I’m slightly concerned that I caught one of my back teeth with the swab, so I might test positive for Colgate….. The swab really irritated the back of my nose and throat, and there I am streaming and without a tissue in the post office, handing the postmaster my covid test. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just burnt it round the back!

Before heading back to Mums I called at my old favourite sandwich shop for an egg, mushroom, tomato and brown sauce sandwich on a massive floury bap. Yes please!!! You can see so much of my to do list involves food – obviously!

Lazy day at Mums today, no plans – although a takeaway curry tonight might be ace…..

Laters xx

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