Knackered but happy!

What a totally great day! The main event was so easy this morning, signing done in about 40 minutes. Would have been much less if we didn’t all have to initial each page of a document the thickness of a Thompson local. The sun was shining, the golden leaves were fluttering down and the house we have dreamed of for months is finally ours! Several hours of cleaning and painting later we are done for the day, our bedroom cleaned, sanded, holes filled and ceiling painted, plus bed sanded cleaned and primed ready to paint tomorrow. My lovely Mum-in-Law has made the bathroom sparkle like a new pin and we seem to have achieved a lot in a little over half a day. Sitting outside in the sun with a Mortodella and mustard sandwich it would have been very easy to down tools and do very little, but we are hoping to spend our very first night there on Saturday so need to crack on! Can’t quite believe it’s ours and I don’t know when that will actually sink in, and I doubt either off us will be able to move tomorrow but can’t wait to get back there. Here are a few pics from day 1, and thanks for all the well wishes everyone, we appreciate it!

Welcome my friends!
Living room
Living room
Who knew tinned Dauphinois was a thing!?
Awesome tins!
Our bedroom to be


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