Woman make fire.

*Actually finished at the airport today, due to complete lack of G’s after typing the first sentence!*

Celebrating our fleeting glimpse of 4G this morning I thought I’d give you an update. We spent our first night here last night and I lit my first fire. I only burnt myself twice as well! We’ve spent the last few days sanding and painting trying to get the bedroom ready so I’ll add some before and after pics in a bit. It’s not perfect, and there are bits I’d touch up but a great effort given the time we had. We had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon, the surrounding area is so beautiful, chestnuts everywhere. We passed a family with baskets heading in to the woods to forage something, which I’ve duly noted for later. We had an epic first meal cooked in the petite oven of death, of what appeared to be Fidus crispy pancakes, tater tots and beans, we know how to party! Our lack of tinterweb connection meant we resorted to our camping staple, ripping the mickey out of Radio 4. We listened to the Archers, (where as usual, literally nothing happened, although we don’t trust Toby’s intentions towards Pippa), listened to a great short story on Neanderthal man by Mark Haddon. Although next weeks story inspired by a Pygmy sea Turtle written by Fay Weldon sounds tremendous….. it’s so random, love it! Of course 2 bottles of Aldi’s finest Cote du Rhone wasn’t helping with the hilarity, much! The fog descended last night, and instead of feeling remote and isolated I felt cosy and safe and warm. Even though temperatures were supposed to be -1 last night. Starting to feel like a proper home!

Bedroom before
bedroom before
Bed before
Bed after
Ta-dah! Floor to be dealt with next trip!

One comment

  1. Like the bed before. The bed looks to be a double – you will have to get a king size to be comfortable – put that one in the second bedroom, would be OK for visitors staying a short time or me !!!!
    Like the bedroom painting.
    Well done you achived a lot in the short time available.
    Not sure about the Gite chimney – may have to keep the house bedroom windows closed if the wind is in the wrong direction – time will tell.
    Lots to think about now – DON’T RUSH


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