Happy new year!

So, it’s been an eventful year, and not always for good reasons I think you’ll agree. We’ve chosen to spend the day walking off some cheese at Otley Chevin and we’re celebrating Weasel’s 7th gotcha day anniversary. It was on this very day in 2009 we went to the Sheffield RSPCA to take a look at what we thought from the photo was a black lab. But out trotted a tiny, manic bitey little thing, with major dandruff. She was affectionate and playful from the beginning though and we fell in love with her on the spot. She’d had a rough start in life and was brought in to the RSPCA as part of a cruelty case which was heading towards prosecution, an elderly lady that had many dogs and cats shut inside a house with no food or care. She spent 6 months in kennels being treated for stress related dermatitis that had caused her fur to fall out from her middle to her back end the poor little thing, and even now, although much better doesn’t like to be left home alone. 

So, what choice did we have but spoil her rotten? She’s visited castles and abbeys and Hadrian Wall, she’s been on Yorkshire beaches and Cornish beaches, she’s climbed cliffs, thrown up in our camper van at 3.00am and then bolted out of the door in to the dark (not cool) and only yesterday ran amuck in Oakwell Hall cafe just because she decided she was going in and we weren’t stopping her. She’s had and thankfully beaten cancer, and she’s our stubborn, sweet natured, sad eyed little girl. Happy gotcha day Cleo! 

We took the fur kids to Salami & Co in Otley which is a dog centric coffee house just a mile or so from great dog walking country at Otley Chevin Country park. They had a pupacino, venison sausage, and dog friendly pup cake. Lots of fun xx 

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