New Year, new start

I have been a busy little sausage this week. After a brilliant Christmas, despite catching the obligatory snotty plague, and a quiet but lovely new year I was excited for 2017. I had 2 job interviews between Xmas and New Year, the latter I came away from with a month’s consultancy work, a lap top and a signed confidentiality agreement… I was walking back to the car like, did.that.just.happen…. but, my heart was with interview 1 and heaven knows I needed a permanent job to pay for the very many things we dream of doing to the house in France. Interview 2 was in a communal office space in the centre of the city. All miss-matched tweed chairs, open shelving, weirdly contrived plastic cacti and reading material, a John le Carre, a copy of Silence of the Lambs, one of those little jointed wooden men that artists use, set in a pose that made the little dude look like he was fleeing a crime scene. The ladies could all manage to get their hair in to a “messy bun” and it was all about the Pret A Manger salad…. A black Xmas tree for Christs sake! Not really my ideal environment. Interview 1 still had someone else to see this week so I had to be patient, but the interview felt so right I had everything crossed.

On Tuesday morning, my good buddy inducted me into the Ikea breakfast hall of fame. How did I not know this was a thing?!? Bargain brekkie, really good coffee and a few hours chinwag ensued. I could get used to this I thought…. all the while eyes glued to my phone waiting for an update. Nothing. It got to 4.30 and I got really dejected. I was convinced I’d hear today, I don’t think I’ve got it. A Leeds number flashed up on my phone, my bowels and my spleen swapped places – bloody employment agency gah!! Still nothing. Then just when I’d given up, I got THE CALL!!! They wanted me, but they wanted me immediately so no consultancy work for me….

Wednesday was spent returning some Xmas gifts at the local shopping centre with my Mum. Now, bit of a rant. My Mum uses a mobility scooter to get around, this does not make her invisible. It does not give ignorant people the right to walk right in to her path as if she isn’t there. So please, be a little more aware and a little more courteous, I guarantee that it’s easier for you to wait for a split second than for wheelchair or scooter users to manoeuvre round you. Rant over.

Thursday was face the music day and return the laptop that I wouldn’t now be able to use. I then got to spend some quality me time in a lovely empty John Lewis and Anthropologie, where I snaffled the pictured Hooray handbag I’d coveted since Christmas, reduced from £78 to £22!! Did a little happy dance!!  New work had asked me to pop in that afternoon to meet the team and my new office looks like something from an 80’s cop film! I think I’ll demand the word “Chief” be etched on the door and I promise to shout “I’ll take your goddamn badge Mahoney!” At anyone that comes in.

Today was all about me, lengthy dog walk, first episode of a new season of Nashville (whoop) pulled chicken for tea -happy days!

Now the anxiety of the reality of having to adult next week is kicking in, but for now we’re silencing those voices with beer!

Here are a few photos from this week’s wonderful dog walks.  Wish me luck for Monday!


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