Is it Friday yet?

I’m so very tired….. new job is pretty hardcore. Spent 3 days in very intensive product training. Who knew that lighting was so involved!!  I’ve learned about Lumens, battens, lamps (heaven forbid you should call them bulbs!) transformers, halogens, compact fluorescents, metal halides, mercury vapours… Actually I may call my band, or my memoirs the Mercury Vapours, watch this space! I’m finding that I’m missing the dogs terribly, I got so used to being with them all day that I’m not coping well with being parted from my babies. I’m also remembering how much I actually dislike pretty much all forms of social interaction, especially having to try to remember everyone’s names, although calling everyone either John or Dave would probably have a 30% success rate. Just counting down the days until our next French pain au raisin really and reminding myself why I have to actually tolerate work for the foreseeable future. But I have the Great Interior Design challenge to bellow at on the TV soon. Yes dear, those Heinz beans tins wrapped in string look amazing as vases – not! I love it! I also have a drinking game, drink every time Kelly Hoppen is “worried”, “really worried” or “concerned”, or if she loves any sort of grey wall. Bonus point for the other 2 wearing either a cravat, braces, bow tie, or combination of all of the above! I especially love it when the home owners see their new room and can barely hide their contempt! Although, might watch it in bed….zzz

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