Current mood – happy dance!

I shouldn’t have. I really shouldn’t have. But I did!! I even did the happy dance complete with stamping my feet and the rapid girly hand-clap in a busy shoe shop. There are things that I love in this overly short, complicated stressful life. Some of those things are Irregular choice shoes, and a big chunk of those things are all things Disney. I did get overly excited when Irregular choice announced their Disney collaborations, it’s like they were making them just for me, a childless 41 year old magpie with no intention of growing old gracefully. If I want to wear gold glitter C3PO shoes, then dammit I’m gonna! If that sour old trout with bad posture can wear £900 leather pantaloons then who am I to judge? (I’m totally judging btw, but having double standards comes with middle age right?)

I know not everyone understands my Disney obsession and that’s ok. I challenge you to stand in front of Cinderella’s castle pre fireworks, when they play when you wish upon a star, and project Walt sitting at his desk saying “it all started with a mouse” and not cry like a girl. I have the fondest memories of watching Disney cartoons with my Dad, every Christmas Eve I watch Pluto’s Christmas tree, Chip and Dale sit in the branches of my Xmas tree in tribute to this, and I am immediately 9 years old again. My Dad had such a child-like sense of fun, I think that’s where I get it from, and I have no intention of losing that, in fact I cherish it. If we cease to be capable of wonderment, regardless of age, then wouldn’t that be a joyless existence? 

I think we should all wear what we blooming well like (love in my case) and to hell with what other people think. If something causes you and hopefully other people to raise even half a wry smile then go with it I say. I plan to be an Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter hybrid when (if) I grow up, and they’re totally rocking it! 

Always be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons! Or a dragon-pug-unicorn-direwolf….

So, today’s message is short and sweet. Buy the shoes. Use the expensive bath oil you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Eat the cake. You are precious and if you don’t value yourself as such then who will?

Love and pixie-dust to you all my friends xx 

Disclaimer. I am not responsible for any acts of retail therapy that may happen after reading this article, but the best bath bombs come from Rose & Co Haworth & The Yorkshire Soap Company,  the best shoes are Irregular Choice (45% off sale) and MissLFire, emergency cake can be procured from petrol stations in your slippers….. so people have told me….ahem….

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