How very exciting….

So my lovelies, I have exciting news. I have been having a few little emails back and forth with the lovely editor of French Property News magazine and they will be publishing a series of articles following our adventures in France, starting in the June edition with an article I’ve already written. She’s said some lovely things about the blog, which I hope to plug mercilessly in the articles, and I’m really chuffed to be able to share my writing with a few more people – I hope! It’s started me thinking that I’d like to do a little more of this. This is my first attempt at writing anything just for fun, and hopefully a little entertainment for you guys. On a good day. When there’s nothing on the TV. Or your boss isn’t in the office.

 I think most people fall into either the maths camp, or the language camp. I’m certainly in the latter, although I must confess that my continued learning of French has stalled a little. I had such big plans for what I thought might be a few weeks off work at least….. I have a mountain of stuff to eBay, a car boot full of charity shop clothes, several semi-finished craft projects, my sewing machine needs fixing, I need to learn to play my beautiful guitar….. there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Damn you work! 

I’m also going through the usual pre-trip anxiety over the weight of my suitcase. It’s contents include, a rug, a duvet set, some sheets and pillow cases, secateurs, a Camembert baker (don’t judge me), a yellow frying pan, some kitchen scales, a picnic hamper (ok, you can judge me a bit)…. I’m still waiting for La Redoute to deliver some curtains and towels which I ordered a week ago so not impressed! While this swag should all fit in the suitcase it’ll probably be cheaper to book it a seat on the plane rather than put the bag in the hold!

In other news, my orange tree is covered in blossom which is making the house smell amazing. I’ve decided it is my favourite smell in the world ever, and I need to find some perfume that matches it accordingly. If anyone knows of one please let me know! TTFN x 

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