Welcome to the jungle

Busy old day today. A light bit of shopping, sorted out our non existent access to our French tinterweb banking. Only cashpoint is inside the bank, bank is closed on certain days, or closes on certain afternoons. Today the cash machine had no money, the buzzer for patrons to press to be let in wasn’t working and one of the cashiers was off ill. So two English fools holding up the queue were feeling rather silly… Still, after signing and initialling several sheets of paper problem solved – hurray!

Spare room is coming along nicely, our team of helpers have been busy clearing branches left behind from yesterday and things are getting progressively a little tidier.

Made enchiladas in the pixie death oven with the absolute best creme fraiche I’ve ever had from the local Limousin cows.

All topped off with a rather lovely sunset. Not a bad day all round!


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