Wayward Pines

Today has been a great day! Orchard Nick is the man!! I thought we might get a couple of trees down at best, but all the huge pines that were too close to the house and blocking out all the light are now gone! The big Hawthorn has been trimmed back and my bay tree is now a lovely shape instead of as Mary Berry would say, “informal”. I will be salvaging all the bay leaves I can so place your orders now folks, empty suitcase on the return trip!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been so great watching Nick work today, and the ease that he dealt with those huge trees was amazing. I’ve barely got any painting done with huge chunks of tree dropping past the window and a massive chainsaw swinging about. Loved it!

Big thanks to our lovely helpers today, dealing with the veg/bramble patch and driving the van to pick up the sofa which is now supporting my weary carcasse and related beer. To be able to relax in an evening on something other than a dining room chair is just magic! I can’t tell you how great it is.

So now, we have a garden full of felled trees. At a future date Nick will bring his mobile saw-mill (yep, that’s a thing!!) and transform them in to planks that will then form the basis of the raised beds for our potager (veg patch). That has a nice Circle of Life thing about it I thought.

Hubs is on tea duty, so suitably clad in nuclear fall out suit, he’s firing up the pixie death oven. Toulouse sausage, heritage tomatos and chooky eggs for tea. Noms!

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