Spring is springing! 

So, we’re here! We have something resembling patchy tinterweb, so I’m writing as fast as my pudgy pastry filled fingers will allow. A few tired teddy bears today after a late night post Super Bowl but we’ve got a lot done, although not much on the actual house so far. We have done some shopping, we have bought a TV that Hubs is trying to assemble the bracket for using a butter knife in lieu of screwdriver….We’ve ordered a sofa which we’ve booked the store’s van to collect tomorrow. Lots of fun in store using Google translate which at one point translated as “payment in blood tomorrow”! We’ve bought some more paint for the spare room, handle broke in the car park but fortunately no spillage… I can report no salad shortage here, although not from actual experience, I saw much lettuce but bypassed it in favour of Toulouse sausage and a bottle of rose. What’s a girl to do?

Spent a very pleasant hour in the sun with my French secateurs procured from Ripley castle Christmas Market in a ridiculous impulse purchase. They are amazing and made very light work of a hydrangea bush that was in desperate need of a haircut. It may never flower again but it looks much tidier…. said hello to Mr Snooty horse in the field opposite, sat in front of the window with a cup of tea and an apple turnover, thinking life is pretty darned sweet right now! We have a little carpet of snowdrops out front so spring must be on it’s way and the birds are singing. Ahhhh.

My pyjamas are warming in front of the log burner, the rose is delicious, I’ve survived the petite oven of death and turned out an edible tea, all is right with the world!

Tomorrow heralds much excitement. Sofa! No more uncomfortable dining room chair perching of an evening. Also we have the services of “Orchard Nick” all day tomorrow to come and help us deal with the trees. Really looking forward to learning what varieties of fruit we have and what should stay and what should go. 

Here’s a few pictures from today’s trip to the DIY shop, and my lovely Inlaw’s kitchen. Pretty as you like! 

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