Here we go again…

Firstly, hubs is back from work via Belgium which as the picture shows is awesome news for me. I have to also say an improvement on the chocolate he brought me from a previous trip that he found on the window ledge in his hotel room behind the curtains…. I ate it anyway naturally – what am I? made of steel?! 

Lots going on, the start of the 6 nations, so steeling myself for customary Welsh related disappointment and work colleague gloating, but as long as fire comes out of the pitch and I get to wear my sheep hat then I am happy. (Whilst simultaneously exploding with rage and expelling language that would not make my Mamma proud). Waaaales Waaaales Waaaales! We’ll gloss over my arguing with a random on the Lions Facebook page about who should be captain – he was an idiot, and I broke him accordingly.

Tomorrow I get to finish my random packing and try by some miracle of physics to bring my suitcase in under 20kgs…. lots of standing on the bathroom scales and discarding and repacking for me I feel, while hubs I expect will throw a handful of disheveled pants in a carry on with 20 mins to go. Gah! 

The missing La Redoute order has materialised, I just need to figure out which petrol station it’s at to pick it up. Isn’t click and collect a marvellous invention, pick up your order and at the same time snaffle a Ginsters pasty and a 3 stone flapjack. Can’t properly pack until towels and curtains have been retrieved so better deal with that ASAP. Think of them as my bubble-wrap if you will.

I ordered £5 worth of Amazon’s finest Orange Blossom perfume and I have to say the scent is pretty close to the real thing. However it looks like a cross between a urine sample and something cooked up in a meth lab. That said, it’s strong enough to probably only need to apply it weekly so the bottle need never leave the house.

Should be going in “to town” tonight, but honestly can’t face the effort of looking human just for the sake of a few hours out, stuff to do tomorrow that mean I can’t lose hours in the Mean Eyed Cat…. Plan for an early tea, couple of drinks in the local then bed. Bushed! Meanwhile I get to listen to next door’s horrendous auto-tuned “music” at a volume akin to being on a bus next to someone with crappy headphones. Don’t make me Steel Panther you, because I will, and that’ll make for some interesting conversations with the grand kids…..7 days of peace & quiet on the horizon. Ahhhhhh bliss xx

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