Back to my roots

So this title works on so many levels. I write this in the hairdressers while having aforementioned roots done so I no longer resemble Burt Racoon.

I spent last weekend visiting t’bro-in-law, in Northampton, where both of my parents are from. Thanks for having us my lovely! A cracking time was had, food was eaten, beer was drunk and rugby was watched. I have also been indoctrinated into World of Nerdcraft, painting ickle tiny Orks and Grim Reapers which is slowly sending me blind but I’m loving it. I’ll be on a Games Workshop painting course with the great beardy unwashed before you know it. Thanks to Mike’s tuition “Colin” is finished and I’ve started the grim reaper who seems to have been heavily influenced by my childhood viewing of He-Man and Skeletor….. 

This afternoon, with the rest of the family I’ll be visiting my 4th cousin that I’ve never met before, holidaying here from the States. Lots of photos to share and family tree mapping to do. We are related to a Wilson Poulter that emigrated to the USA in the 1880’s so very exciting. I’ll fill you in on all that later. 

Meanwhile it’s nearly time to go back to France and we cannot wait! The usual errands to run, parcels to pick up (curtains again) and the usual how to fit everything into a suitcase that’s less than 20kgs. This time Big Sis and t’other bro-in-law are coming to stay as our first official house guests. Very giddy indeed! 

We are hopeful of improved tinterweb this trip so look forward to some more frequent posting. I also need to write my third article for French Property News Magazine, eek! 

TTFN xx 

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