We’re back!

We’re back again in France and it’s rather lovely. Had a splendid evening at the in-laws last night, drank a tiny bit too much vin, the elderflower champagne was gorgeous and I saw a glo-worm! The two things are not related I promise. It was 34 degrees yesterday and pretty warm for a ginger bird, sleep was a touch evasive. I love the morning sounds in St Diz, the bakery opening, the village clock chiming, even the howling dog waiting outside the hairdressers. No lie in today, or le matin grasse (literally translated as “fat morning”) as off to our house we went.

The garden is a touch er, natural right now. I spotted a lost tribe I think  near the chicken run….. the crickets are deafening and there are birds, butterflies and huge dragonflies flitting about. We have 2 lizards out front, one we have christened Eddie (lizard). You’re right, the hours just fly 😁

Today has consisted of me putting another coat of paint on our bedroom, it still needs another gah!, while everyone else went grocery shopping. I then started to build a bed, with help from the boys when they got back, and a coffee table. Had the customary lunch of mortadella, cheeseburger flavour crisps, full fat mayo and buttered French bread. All the stuff that would send the Slimming World brigade straight to confessional. I unpacked the armchair and cushions we had shipped over and everything feels a little more cosy. We’ve tripped the power about 6 times, mainly due to boiling the kettle which seems to use more energy than sending Marty Mcfly back to the eighties. The clearance BBQ (“Broil King) that we bought in Feb and had to partially dismantle to get into the back of a rental Fiat, didn’t want to work. The knobs keep falling off and the build quality is seemingly that of the egg-timer I made in 3rd year Craft. I broke the bedroom light, hubs fixed it, then without reason the bathroom light now doesn’t work?? I’ve seen 2 spiders of a reasonable size and am seemingly invincible with a can of Raid! Ooh, and the fridge had a bit of an episode partially due to the constant resetting of the fuse box but all good now. Don’t worry, we’re not slumming it with warm beer, we’re not savages!

Then a wonderful sunset over the garden, all in all a rather lovely, if knackering day.

TTFN xx 

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