Home-time sadness.

I write this outside the Eglise St Jean in the market square in Bourganeuf. It’s the sleepy lunchtime lull so the square is deserted the only sounds are the chiming of the church bells and the babbling of the fountain. The others have gone to do some last minute shopping while I’ve had the church to myself enjoying the light and the faint mustiness of incense. 

We’ve had a wonderful time, the weather has been more than kind and yet again the thought of heading home to the UK is a miserable one. I want this to be my Saturday. Not a trip to Asda. 

The bunting is flapping like little coloured birds against the blue sky and the medieval turrets of the municipal buildings. Sitting here makes me very happy. I’ve written every day that I’ve been here, but it’s still a jumbled collection of random thoughts that needs editing. I need to pull together the final article for French Property News in the next few days but I’ll also fashion some proper blog posts. Sorry, been too busy lying in a hammock to post for the last few days, I’ll make it up to you I promise! 

Meanwhile here’s a few snaps of where I am right now. Enjoy!


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