Post France Chubbiness….

It’s fair to say that 7 days in France of eating all the things I don’t normally allow myself to have has resulted in a bit of a shocker on the scales. In fact, I have equalled my record 10lb in 10 days from my honeymoon in the Southern States of America with just 7 days in France. That’s right folks, 10lbs on in a week! I know I’m impressed. Some of this is due to retaining more water than someone made of Sponge and living in a pineapple under the sea. It’s taken almost a week to be able to get my wedding rings back on and for my hobbit feet to go back down. Heat is not my friend, and hot it was.

It’s also that bread with everything, for me at least, equalls dietary disaster. Especially with butter. One of the most joyless things in this life is a slice of Nimble wholemeal spread with Benecol (and misery).

The worst part is that day old French bread makes the best toast (more butter) but also the best garlic bread (this time, garlic & thyme butter – perhaps thyme can count towards your 5 a day?…..)

We had a couple of meals out, we love Pont St Ettienne in Limoges, just over the river across the pilgrim bridge from the Cathedral. One at La Gare at Lac Vassiviere, a just perfectly executed coarsley ground cheeseburger served slightly pink with perfect frites. Simple food done brilliantly is an absolute pleasure, I positively encourage anything you have to eat over the sink with the juices dripping out of your elbows! 

So, with my best efforts this week I managed to lose 6 of the 10lbs by mainly living on Strawberries. Then yesterday night/afternoon I drank beer, had a full Greek mezze, several Old Fashioneds and a couple of raspberry mojitos. Then did the late night fridge raid for a midnight ham sarnie when I got home. The shame! 

And by the way, Lindt make Macaron chocolate! (The dirty blighters!!!)

Weigh day tomorrow. Meh!

TTFN xx 

Chocolate Mousse
Cheese Fondue and frites
Course country terrine, cured meats and cornichon.
Limousin steak, home made potato salad and pear and blue cheese salad.
Local sausage with heritage tomatoes cooked with white wine and thyme.
My favourite Supermarche, Le Grande Frais
This is a goats cheese for those not frightened of going full goat! A jar of Pops apple chutney was wonderful with this. Thanks Pops!
Standard! As with Leffe, I never met a Grimbergen I didn’t like.
Oh peanut mousse, we worship thee and thine perfection.
Braised duck with (possibly bulgar wheat?) who knows, was delicious though.
Salad with very fresh light goats cheese.

Utter filth! You wouldn’t have liked it.
Local sausage and heritage tomatoes.
Pain au raisin, my kryptonite.

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