Autumn Diaries Day 1

Hi guys. Apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks, work has been slowly sucking the joy out of the fibre of my being so just not been particularly sociable. But, no more my friends because we’re back in France! 

After narrowly missing a car accident on the motorway on the way to the airport (well done Ferg), and a one hour flight delay, we were away. The flight felt like it took no time due to a really lovely chat with a fellow passenger. Craig was about 20 rows in front, and I started to chat with the guy sat next to me. It soon became apparent we shared a lot of opinions, especially politically, and by the time of landing we had single handedly fixed the economy, and dealt with Donald Trump. It was nice to have your faith in human nature confirmed, that the owner of a multi-million pound business, was overpaying his staff, deliberately paying more tax than his accountant was advising, and was refusing to renew contracts with people like Yodel because of their zero hours employment contracts. Someone that wasn’t greedy, already was happy with his lot, and wanted to share his success with others. Putting integrity before personal gain. If only the world had a few more people like that. If only the House of Commons had more people like that.

Landed at a reasonably sunny Limoges airport, with time for cake obvs, before bro & Sis in law landed and in to the hired Mirthmobile (Berlingo) we went.

Friday night rush hour out of Limoges meant traffic was a little slow on the edge of the city, but soon we were on near deserted roads and surrounded by mountains and forests and copper coloured cows. 

It is like coming home. Our lovely in-laws were there to meet us, and massive thanks for all you’ve done, cleaning and strimming and fettling. We really appreciate it! 

We have grapes, apples and pears in abundance, will get some pictures for you. And Papa-in-Law has pointed out a bush full of bright red rose-hips which I already have a couple of recipes in mind for. At least it’ll use up the bag of jam-sugar we bought in error for people to put in their tea…. 

While unpacking the suitcases I was in all sorts of trouble. The bottle of Lakeland’s finest spider stopper, that I had insisted be packed, had leaked all over Craig’s clothes. It’s a spider deterrent made of predominately cloves, orange and horse chestnut. While not particularly unpleasant, it is blooming strong. In the washer they went, then he was in trouble for not removing the cardboard tags, so everything looks like it’s been washed with a tissue!

We had the obligatory first night in France tea, Chicken kievy/les Findus crispy pancakes,little potato balls, and fake Heinz beans. (One you blathered them in ketchup you’d never know).

Couple of bottles of Grimbergen Blonde, coffee with a shot of chocolate liqueur from our trip to Brive, and a couple of squares of Milka chocolate. We know how to party!

Wood-burner lit, Frank Turner live at Reading on the TV. Happy place!

I’m going to try very hard to write a post every day while I’m here, apologies in advance if some of them are largely incoherent due to Trappist beer/cheese induced comas. 

TTFN xx 

First night in France standard tea.
Not quite Heinz but still pretty good.
The petite oven of death. It still terrifies me.
Grimbergen Blonde. Why not.
The mighty Frank Turner on TV.
Cheeky cake in Limoges airport
Prosecco and fried eggs is how I roll. In the cramped sweaty hell-hole that is Manchester Airports T3

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