Autumn Diaries Day 2

Morning folks. I write this listening to the church clock chiming and general jibber-jabber from outside the shop in the street below. The lack of words I can pick out is quite worrying, but still…. 

We stayed at the in-laws in St Diz last night and had a lovely afternoon/evening. Mike’s birthday so presents were swapped, a French rugby shirt from us, I have some great Warhammer figures to paint for my birthday, and Craig finally got to play with his birthday present from me, a rather beautiful air-rifle, plus presents from everyone else to go with it, a bag and targets etc.

The weather was crazy yesterday, sunshine, then torrential downpours, so the guys were in and out playing target practise when it was dry (although rumour has it that Niki could actually be a sniper!). Us chickadees had a splendid afternoon annoying the menfolk with Disney classics, to the point where we started to hatch a plan for a girls long weekend at Disneyland Paris next year. Yes indeed! 

BBQ was served, local sausages and pork chops were delish and might have had a tiny bit of birthday cake, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Today we plan to head into Limoges to see if we can find the monthly antique market in the Cathedral grounds for a spot of bargain hunting, so I guess I’d better get up! 

We’re not sure if this wine is for drinking or pouring in to machinery…
Bonjour Mr Grimbergen
Bonjour Mr Leffe
This was a limited edition Leffe, got to check in at least one beer I haven’t had before, it’s getting increasingly difficult to do!
This was in the local supermarket. I have my speech prepared and a short juggling routine. Where is my tiara dammit!

TTFN xx 


  1. I have just discovered your blog & you have brought a year to my eye with you picture of Mr Leffe! We were in France last month & are sat here feeling very sorry for ourselves after a week back at work/school. Enjoy your time there!


    • Hello there and you’re very welcome! I can’t promise there won’t be more pictures of French deliciousness over the next couple of weeks I’m afraid. Then I will have to go home and be sad too 😞. Perhaps we can form a support group?! 😀


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