Autumn Diaries Day 3

Morning folks, yesterday we left St Diz behind and headed into Limoges for the monthly antiques markets in the gardens and streets by the Cathedral.

We were impressed by the size of the market, took us about 2 hours to take it all in. There was a good range of stalls, lots of old agricultural equipment, furniture, rugs, chandeliers, plenty of Limoges porcelain as you would expect. We had a good old rummage. 

The diet is progressing beautifully, a small flat brioche galette filled with pate de Campagne which had seen a good glug of brandy, was delicious. This worked because the brioche was not overly sweet and it was soft and lovely. What is wrong with people that they think it’s acceptable to ruin a good burger by putting it in an overly sweet, usually not particularly fresh brioche bun by the way? You know who you are pretentious burger chains in the UK. Stop it! It’s like eating a pan scrub if you get it wrong! (You frequently get it wrong!) Apologies, I digress…

Next was a pain au raisin the size of a cartwheel. Got to be of the sort that has the baked custardy soggy nugget in the middle. I nibble around the outside like a chubby hamster and save the custardy middle bit for last. I’m allowing 15 seconds now for you to quietly judge me.

And continue…

Then, a street vendor Nutella crepe. Hazelnuts are practically fruit so bugger off! 

Finally, a tiny eggcup full of delicious coffee at a little pavement cafe with delightfully eccentric toilets. I love a weird French toilet, perhaps I should write a guide book…..

Then back to base and a good long nap.

St Diz is on the route for a national cycling competition next weekend and the village looks great. Bunting around the village green and flowers and sculptures everywhere. Looks really pretty so took a few snaps to share with you before we headed to the monster of all Chinese buffets with the full clan in the evening. One thing I respect the French for immensely is that when food is concerned they go the extra mile. The quality of the produce used here is brilliant. You can choose your meat and veg of choice, add a sauce and the chefs will stir fry it for you. Personally I’m a steamed dumpling slave, and then, the best addition ever, macarons on the dessert selection. It did say 2 per person. It did not say I couldn’t go up there 4 times. I went up there 4 times. Had a lot of fun with the family, it’s really nice to have all 8 of us together. 

Can’t say I enjoyed the pitch black winding road 45 minute trip back home particularly, but that’s the price you pay for macaronageddon. 

Before bed Craig shouted me and we had a giant Mr Toad on our doorstep. So cute. Hope he slept well.


Weird French toilet
The girls being very silly!
What my husband thinks passes for an acceptable adult desert.
I might have eaten 4 times my macaron limit. I might not. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.
Tiny pixie desert buffet.
It’s a montage
St Diz getting ready for a national road race.
The village green in St Diz
I love French windows and doors and shutters!
Streets in Limoges cathedral quarter.
Shop window full of dead foliage with Opera glasses on a shelf. Wait? What?
I don’t own birds, but if I did they’d live in a miniature Crystal Palace.
She should be in Downton Abbey. PS, you can’t ignore the pantless Harry Potter mannequin. What has been seen, cannot be unseen. He looks like he solemnly swears he’s been up to no good.
Pick and mix torture implements. Probably.
Victorian butterfly serial killer display, bleaugh! Like the shells though!
Beautiful glassware.
Absinthe glasses, complete with little rests for your sugar cubes.
From geodes to toy soldiers. Another title chapter for my memoirs nailed.
More Cathedral quarter prettiness.

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