Autumn Diaries Day 5

Morning folks. Had a lovely day yesterday, was great to have everyone stay over, even if the bed in the big house had a bit of an accident. I’m saying nothing Dave & Niki…. πŸ˜‰

We all got up a little later than usual due to a fun night the previous evening but once breakfast was done we hit the garden to clear some of the debris from hurricane Nick the previous day. Craig managed to fire up the petrol strimmer and made a start on some of the longer grass. He seems to have the knack of starting it now so it doesn’t flood the engine each time.

I started to strip the branches off some of the fallen trees with my heavy duty secateurs. By the end of the day I could barely hold a cup of tea, I had no grip strength at all. Most feeble! 

Niki discovered the hammock for a bit, David found a swing in the wood store and put that up, as well as a bench that looks like it’s hosted a woodworm convention but it’s fine for outside.

All kinds of crickets hopping about and plenty of butterflies, it was really lovely. Craig rigged up the music so the Foo Fighters helped us along into the afternoon. 

We had to say goodbye to Mike & Carla yesterday as they had to fly home, thanks for coming guys and glad you’re home safe and sound.

My lovely Mum in Law found a really cool stone-ware vinegar jar in the cellar which I think I’ll use for onions and garlic. I like it a lot.

David and Niki headed back to St Diz with the in-laws as Niki has to fly home today as well, booo! It’s been nice to have the place to ourselves for a bit though, we had a couple of drinks sitting outside and then a really good curry that I made the day before. Then some TV and bed, I was knackered! Listened to a bit of random and unintentionally hilarious radio 4 before falling asleep.

Today we await the EDF energy man who will hopefully stop us tripping the fuse when we boil the kettle at the same time as powering the pixie death oven. 

TTFN xx 

PS sending lots of love to someone back home today. You know who you are 😘

Love this view of the house and how the garden is trying to reclaim it.
Craig in witness protection.

Cellar treasure!
Grapes from the vine that’s gone feral next to the wood store
Dave’s handiwork
It’s pretty hard to get anything done when you have that view.
Tiny bottles of vitamin P are made for gardening refreshment right?

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