Autumn Diaries Day 6

Morning folks. We had a very rainy day yesterday so after a leisurely breakfast we went into Bourganeuf to pick up some preserving supplies. Bought a great foraging basket, a plastic one with drainage holes rather than my rather romantic wicker one I have back home. Also a gorgeous copper jam kettle and ladle and a cheap white cotton pillow case to serve as a jelly bag. Typically Carrefour only had 2 sizes of jam jar, one would suit a Travelodge hotel breakfast buffet, the other would have easily contained a killer-whale. I kinda needed more middle ground. By the time we realised this though, we were in the death hours between 12 and 2.00pm when everywhere else is shut.

When we got back home I headed out into the horrid weather to pick apples and rose hips to make jelly. Chopped everything, added lemon zest, juice and water and sat it on top of the wood burner for a few hours. Once the apples were really soft the whole lot was strained through the scalded pillowcase and left alone overnight. Today I’ll finish it off once we’ve picked up some more jam jars. 

I’ve also started a really lovely embroidery by Sew Beautiful and it’s immensely satisfying. I’ll post some pictures soon.

This is what rainy weather is for, hunkering down and doing cosy satisfying things. I really enjoyed myself today!


New basket with apples from the orchard and rose hips from out front.
In the pot you go.
How pretty does that look.
All ready for straining


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