Autumn Diaries Day 7

Morning folks!

Yesterday started fairly grey and dismal. We headed off to rendezvous with my Mum in law and bro in law David as he was staying with us last night. We were introduced to a new brocante which was great, and bought a few small picture frames for 50c each. 

Picked up some jam jars and headed back to base to finish the apple and rosehip jelly. After boiling the bejeesus out of it for 3 times longer than the recipe said I was still struggling to achieve a good setting point. In the end I had enough and decanted in to jars anyway. My breakfast will be the acid test this morning. That said, it’s delicious, perfectly pink and totally clear, no cloudiness at all. I love making stuff like this but got to admit the recipe is time consuming and arduous, I gazed across at my jar of Bonne Maman 4 fruits thinking, why am I doing this again? 

If it doesn’t set it’ll be great in the bottom of a glass of prosecco she thinks wistfully…..

So, once I’d finished calling the jam some very bad words, we went for a walk as the sun was out and it was a rather splendid afternoon. We took the track into the woods that we’d done before but this time ventured a little further. We scrabbled up a small bank and found ourselves at the edge of a beautiful lake with little jetty and a hunting cabin. It is the most perfect spot. We didn’t realise until later that we were on private property so a little sad this can’t be a place we can come and spend time, but if it ever comes up for sale……

We saw butterflies, lizards, grasshoppers, a luminous orange slug, mushrooms a plenty, and a cute little vole. It’s amazing what you can see if you keep quiet, there’s constant rustling in the undergrowth and trees. 

We headed back home just in time to see our lady farmer neighbour lead the cows across the road into the field next to our house, and had a hazlenut latte with a shot of chocolate liquer, just like drinking Ferrero Rocher. Nums. 

Later after a standard tea of local sausage, tomatoes simmered with wine, olive oil and thyme, and soft poached eggs, we took the deckchairs outside to watch the bats flitting about and the sunset over the mountains. The sky last night was extraordinary. Apricot at the horizon, fading through to pale duck-egg blue and feathered with dark indigo ink blot clouds. 

As we were sitting there, just before we lost the light there was a big feathery swoosh as a huge owl flew across the garden. We think he might roost in our wood store, it also could be the source of our screeching dragon noise we hear from time to time.

When it was fully dark and given it was a clear night we went outside to look at the stars. I have never seen a sky like it. We could see the Milky Way, so many constellations, shooting stars. It’s just beautiful, makes you feel very tiny in the great infinite scheme of things.

Woke up with a headache so that’ll be the rose wine….


&@&&!!?&?£ jam!
Little hidden lake
Very sad this turned out to be private property
Ginger slug
Little jetty. There were fish jumping and water boatmen skating about.
View back to the house from the woodland path.
The house and our friendly neighbourhood cows, some very tiny ones at the moment too.
All the 🍄
Lizard watch!
Look at it though.
What a sky.

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