Autumn Diaries Day 8 and 9

Morning folks, weather has been a bit prohibitive over the last couple of days so not much to report. We dropped David off at the airport and picked up Jen & Ferg on Friday. Had a good old wander around le Grand Frais and bought a few lovely things, including a chocolate fondant tarte. I’d love to say there are pictures of this but that would be a lie….. mere crumbs remain.. 

Had a meander around Decathlon, and you know the feeling, one minute you’re admiring the hunting bugles and trying on the occasional Crocodile Dundee hat, and the next they’re playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas song. It’s mid-September Decathlon! Some of us want to look at all in one camouflage suits while listening to seasonally appropriate music!

We had a relatively late night so didn’t get up massively early yesterday, did a bit more shopping and had a wander around the local brocante. Tea was a huge tin of cassoulet and all the bread! It was delicious with a big dollop of Dijon mustard.

Ps. As some of you may already have seen, the rosehip and apple jelly set beautifully and is delicious. Happy dance!


Epic tin of Cassoulet, tin of tomatoes included for scale
Our mates over the fence
I ❤️La Chouffe
It did actually set and it is delicious!

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