Autumn Diaries Day 10 and 11

Morning folks. Sunday’s weather was dismal so after reading a notice in the supermarket that the Resistance Museum was open in St Diz we thought we’d have a wander around. It was throwing it down but only a short walk from the in laws. The resistance museum is essentially a barn full of explosives. We’ve visited before and we’re sure that one day there will be a loud bang and just a crater will remain. It’s packed to the rafters with interesting stuff, outfits and embroidery on parachute silk, guns, ammunition, an army jeep. Lots of day to day items like rations, tins of biscuits, medals. A terrifying diorama of battle where the action men soldiers are 6 times the height of the trees and tiny villagers, a little like a Japanese monster movie. It’s a man’s absolute passion for militaria, we know he has collected some of the items himself from the beaches in Normandy. The area around St Diz was heavily involved in resistance fighting. Even the previous owner of the in-laws house, a former engineer was shot by the Germans, rumour has it that he had turned his talents more towards blowing up bridges and railway lines. Such bravery and defiance in what must have been extraordinary times.

Monday’s weather was still a little changeable so we headed into Limoges for a little retail therapy and some lunch. Steak tartare and seemingly one of each cake on the menu! We finally saw a kitchen we liked in France as well, despite a failed trip to choose some paint, who knew a sage green would be so difficult to track down? Then we headed back home and I made ribolita with all the fresh produce we picked up which we’re having for tea tonight. We had a BBQ for tea and the sunset was great, bats flying about everywhere, and pear and almond tart for dessert. Happy days.

TTFN xx 

I love Orangina!
Steak tartare, confit egg yolk and perfect chips.
All of the puddings.
Baby pumpkins in le grande frais. So cute!
Golden and stripy beetroot. We had them roasted on the BBQ with feta and mint.
We love this kitchen!!
Sunset over my mint tea.
Almond tart
Super rare cote de boeuf

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