Autumn Diaries Day 12

Morning folks, spent the day in Limoges yesterday doing generally touristy stuff. Any excuse to wander around and take photos of a very photogenic city. You’ll already know how much I love old French doors and shutters, so many pretty timber framed houses and narrow crooked streets, history just seeps out of the cobbles. I love it! 

Even though we’ve visited a few times now, the cathedral and the tiny chapels are still very atmospheric and the muted colours and crumbling plasterwork is absolutely beautiful. The light is always different too, sunlight streaming through the stained glass chooses to illuminate this statue or that statue, rainbow colours playing across the stonework while gently flickering candles dedicated to a myriad of different saints add their own dimension. I’m not a religious person, not remotely, but I love the imagery and the art and the stillness of ancient churches and cemeteries. To quote the Levellers, do I belong to some ancient race, I like to walk in ancient places, these are things that I can’t understand. I could spend all day with a camera in places like this.

We wandered around the boucherie quarter (the ancient butchers shop was again closed) and visited the tiny chapel that only has room for a handful of people. 

Lunch was in the creperie in the square at the back of the Cathedral, we had galettes, a kind of folded buckwheat pancake, filled with black pudding, apple, chestnuts, caremelised onions and emmenthal. Goodness me it was good. 

We also managed a quick dash into Monoprix for the most wonderful €10 aftershave. My husband can once again smell like the tears of angels, it’s so lovely. I picked up a white fig perfume as well, Monoprix rocks.

Back home again, the boys went to gun club for the rest of the afternoon while we enjoyed the peace and quiet 😀

Big bowls of ribolita for tea with cheese on the top, mulled cider on the wood burner, another great sunset and then watched the owls and the bats again. Another wholly pleasant day.

Sadly trying to blog each day is highlighting that the days are running out far too fast. Prepare yourself for some very sad posts for a couple of days my friends 😭😭😭

TTFN xx 

Cafe window in Limoges. Guy Fawkes is a long way from home.
Tiny little wall shrines everywhere. I walk into things all the time because I’m constantly looking up.
Museum in the botanical gardens in Limoges
Mood before we fly home.
Love this! I have yet to properly translate the inscription but this lovely lady is not Joan d’Arc as you might expect.
I wish these were in Leroy Merlin. I think the Cathedral might object to these becoming a kitchen floor.
As pretty as a picture.
Inside the tiniest of chapels.
Chapel St Aurelian. Just tiny tiny tiny. Reminds me of something you’d see in Italy, especially inside.
The ancient butchers shop that you can do a tour of. When it’s open, which it never is!
Galette stuffed with black pudding, chestnuts, caramelised onions, apple and emmenthal. Yes!
Les Halles de Limoges


  1. The butchers house is well worth a visit. Free to the public. Genuine history of VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, from children to grandparents plus shop, all in a tiny ( but multi-storey space. Maybe check opening hours for Autumn, but open all summer. Tourism centre in Limoges has many options.


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