Autumn Diaries Day 13

It was market day yesterday so went into Bourganeuf for a mooch. It was a misty morning which meant a chilly start but the mist hanging in the trees meant some great views on the way in to town. Zim Zim tower was covered in mist but so was the town cemetery. With the sun trying its best to burn through, it was a photo opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Just me and a perfectly still New Orleans style cemetery shrouded in mist. I need to spend a couple of hours in there at some point, it’s got so many interesting family plots and mini chapel buildings, war graves, earliest date I saw was 1840 but I wasn’t in there nearly long enough. More exploration needed.

Somehow we managed to spend €25 on cheese….. we also bought more bread, a long thin brioche stuffed with sausage, what can only be described as a potato dauphinoise pasty, and other goodies to take home for lunch. 

Once the sun had punched through the mist it was beautiful blue skies and lovely and warm so we sat in the square drinking exceptional coffee and watching the world go by. Mainly perving at other people’s dogs if I’m honest. I’m missing my babies now, I need dog cuddles and little smooshy faces, what I really want is them to come to me so I don’t have to go home. 

We had a great picky lunch of all of the above plus whatever else was in the fridge, sat outside in the sun.

I finally tackled the other hedges out front with the secateurs so they look a bit less bedraggled now, but once that was done I retired to the hammock. Dappled light through the pear tree above me, huge butterflies and giant hornet things which fortunately stay in the higher branches. Nothing but the swaying of the grass, the hissy rasping of crickets, the occasional dragonfly, pale blue sky and views to the mountains.

Tea was some baked figs with goats cheese, thanks Jen, and chicken Salad. Another lovely day over too soon.

TTFN xx 

Beautiful bowl in the brocante window today, shame about the €230 price tag.
Misty town square on market day
Another little wall shrine, this time above the chemist.
Zim Zim tower
Need to do much more exploring here, no time today.
The mist was a photographers gift this morning. Taken with my iphone directly into the sun.
Ah the children of the night. What sweet music they make.
Tiny pumpkins, cannot resist.
The view from our front door this morning.

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