Autumn Diaries Day 14

Sadness is starting to seep into my marrow now. I’m writing this post shower, in the hammock, while everyone is having an afternoon nap. The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days and there’s nothing but the rustling of the trees, the odd bird noise and the muffled thunk of an occasional apple hitting the ground.

Been busy this morning clearing more branches from the diseased trees we had removed and dragging them to the now quite considerable pile we have at the back of the hedge, while salvaging any good chunks to use as firewood. Hard work but the clearing is really starting to make a difference to the general state of the garden. 

Lunch was anything we had left over, so cheese mainly, trying to use up anything that won’t keep or we can’t take home with us.

My lovely Mum in law came to say goodbye which always makes me sad because that means that we’re really going and I can’t put off the inevitable any longer. 

We have some pretty big lizards now, I would say about 5-6 inches long, they are so cute! I had a lengthy chat with the cows as well as I was hanging out some washing earlier, they are beautiful golden creatures with huge eyes and long feathery eye-lashes. They were poking their heads over the wall about 3 feet away from the end of my washing line. I even like housework here! 

We’re heading out for dinner tonight, one last hurrah, at a restaurant in Peyrat-le-Chateau so will of course report back in due course. Until then I shall sit here and pretend I don’t have to leave this place again, although I am now suffering extensive dog withdrawal symptoms. I cannot wait to see them both now. 

The garden, lots still to do!

Cool fungus and lichen on some of the branches.

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