We had such a lovely evening last night that I thought this deserved a post all of it’s own.

We’d previously driven through Peyrat on the way to or from Lac Vassiviere, I forget which, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We’d made a mental note to come back and spend a bit more time here, there are a couple of restaurants overlooking the water and we decided to try one out.

It was a beautiful evening. The weather had been kind to us all day and we now had the kind of evening light that you only get when the days are starting to get a little bit shorter but Autumn in all its glory hasn’t quite taken hold. We call it “Cornish light”, it reminds us of September camping trips to the Cornish coast and early evening clifftop walks with Weasel. 

The light when we got to Peyrat was just perfect, the barley coloured stonework was almost glowing with the last of the sun and the reflections in the still water were barely rippling. I took a few minutes to take some pictures before we lost the last of the light and we headed in to dinner. 

I charged off in front as I do when I see a photo opportunity and promptly fell down a rabbit hole. Craig saw me disappear behind the wall, I managed to only damage my pride a bit, and after a couple of limpy steps decided I probably hadn’t broken anything so managed to struggle on towards dinner like the trooper I am….. 😀

Jen and Ferg had a glass of cold white waiting for me, and we had a lovely chat outside with the owner, we didn’t realise that the restaurant was British owned when we booked, but it definitely seems to me that he and his family have found their calling. He told us about how they bought the place, and who could blame them, in this village setting with views across the water. Would be easy to fall in love.

Dinner was just great, an eclectic mix of starters like carpaccio and bone marrow, then a mix of burgers, omelettes, steak etc for main courses. I am always reassured by a small menu, it means that those dishes are likely to be done extremely well. How many times have you eaten in a restaurant with a menu the size of a phone-book only to then be disappointed? I had bone-marrow and a chicken burger, why not?! The bone-marrow was completely delicious. I’m drooling thinking about it even now. Imagine the most savoury thing you have ever eaten, like dunking some bread in the sticky marmitey filth you get in the bottom of the roasting tray. Don’t say you haven’t done it, you know you have! A little mustard, some salt and smeared on to good bread, if you’ve never tried it then you are missing out.

I’m that annoying arse that has to photograph everything I eat so took some pictures of everyone’s food before they could get a fork to it. Craig’s carpaccio was as pretty as a picture, Jen’s terrine with fig jam and Ferg’s calamari all looked great and it was the first time we were all collectively quiet I think.

The chicken burger was delicious. Really, really good. I would much rather have something like this done brilliantly, with great attention to detail than something with “textures of” or “foams” served on something weird that isn’t even a plate! 

Dessert was the most perfectly executed chocolate fondant (with excellent jiggle on the outside, and oozing in the middle) served with an orange sorbet that had the best texture, little chunky bits of orange peel in there. So great. 

It was nice to see that even at the end of the season there were several occupied tables and at just 35 minutes from home, we’ll certainly be regular visitors I think.

A very pleasant way to spend an evening, it certainly took the edge off the thought of going home but at least in a couple of hours I get to see my little waggy tailed buddies. Cannot wait!

For some reason photos are uploading in the wrong order, but I’m in the airport with ropey wifi so hard cheese. Zoella wouldn’t pull this nonsense… anyhow, please see the chocolate fondant and orange sorbet that dreams are made of.
Beef carpaccio
Bone marrow. So so very very good!
There is a resistance museum here too, view across the valley.
Resistance museum is in here we think, we’ll be back another day to explore.
I think the building to the right is a pottery, I can feel a day trip and a picnic coming on.
Pretty right? This is where I was marching to when I fell down a rabbit hole just to the left. How I suffer for my art…. 😀
The lake in front of the restaurant
Le Bellerive, we will return to you and your deliciousness!


  1. Like this post very much especially the foodie photo’s, Love the quality of light in France especially Autumn time, some great photo opportunities!
    I expect you are now safely home in Yorkshire as I write?


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