A lovely weekend

As ever, sorry for the absence folks, been busy with work and just not done anything particularly noteworthy.

Had a really lovely weekend though, birthday party with the family, happy 60th birthday Steve! Then a bracing couple of hours walk around the beautiful village of Heath, about 15 minutes away from home. What a wonderful place! Like stepping back in time to a Dickensian novel. I have house envy on many levels, and I can’t wait to go back and try out the local pub when it’s finished it’s refurbishment. It’s dog friendly and everything!

We started from the car park and followed the route. We couldn’t find the stile initially, went the wrong way, but soon we were in 7 ft high maize, it was so much fun following the path through there. We walked over fields, followed railway tracks and headed back to where we started. Some beautiful villages all with the whiff of woodsmoke in the air. Was so lovely.

After we’d finished we headed home with two very tired mucky pups and Sunday dinner beckoned at one of our favourites, The Star Inn on Kirkhamgate. Lovely way to spend the day.

Then home and packing for our little trip to Paris and a few days at the house for some wallpapering. My anxiety has kicked in a little so I’m convinced my first few hours in Paris are likely to resemble the opening scenes from Taken. Me, alone on the Paris Metro for a couple of days, what could possibly go wrong?? 

Big sis, I may need a Skype wallpapering tutorial, this could also go very badly wrong, we will see!

So, expect many photos over the next few days and probably more of my ramblings.

TTFN xx 

Orange chocolate brownie
Pate with onion marmalade
Lamb, rosemary and Guinness casserole
How cool are the old village stocks! Love these!


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