More painting (s) than the Louvre…

We have been busy sausages today. 2nd coat on the ceiling, one coat on all the walls, a second on the wood panelling. Cutting in around the wood burner is a total bugger but really happy with it so far. Wallpaper tomorrow, very exciting. We have reinforcements to help us with that as neither of us have done it and the pattern is quite full on! 

We kept thinking one of our phones was ringing earlier, turns out to be one of the cows with a very short, rapid, low, moo. Sounds like a phone on vibrate 😀. Stupid city folk!

Craig went to Carrefour with a huge splodge of paint in his beard. Ha ha. 

Quick sandwich eaten with paint covered hands (not so great with crisps) and back to it. Our living room once housed pretty much the New Yankee Workshop. There wasn’t a square inch of wall that didn’t have something attached to it, either bits for the wood lathe that took up most of the room, or just generall workshop stuff, so the walls even after considerable filling are somewhat rustic, but I’m going for a cosy woodland vibe so I’m ok with that. 

It’s amazing how much more finished the room looks even after just one coat of paint, so much better than bare plaster.

Beautiful sunset tonight with the cows looking on, just managed a quick snap before a hot shower and trying to get all the paint out of my hair. 

Giant spider earlier too. I’d like to say I was brave and I dealt with it, but the horrible get was right next to my hand and made me jump. I threw a fully loaded paintbrush across the room and squealed for Craig. I would have been ok if I’d seen it from a distance, but I’m cross with myself that I freaked out, I’d been doing better with the recent ones we’d had at home. What we need here is a Dyson. It’s my weapon of choice.

Another clear, so cold night, wood burner lit, cassoulet (from tin) in oven, exhausted! Quick peek outside at the stars, they are wondrous here with pretty much no light pollution. We need to get that telescope we’ve been talking about. Then bed zzzzz. 

TTFN xx 

Not great at securing dust sheets it seems.
Seems the invisible man is helping out.
If this is November weather, I approve!
Lots to do!
What are you doing crazy woman?
I love the sunsets here.

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