Extreme makeover – gite edition. 

I thought wallpapering would be quick. In my mind having never wallpapered before, I thought, how long can this possibly take, and firmly resolved to wallpaper anything that stayed still long enough. 

Reality is somewhat different of course and after mixing a bucket of what looked like bright pink porridge we were ready to start pasting the walls. Under the expert tutelage of the Papa, plumb lines and spirit levels were used and he put up the first few strips. Then I had a go. The pattern on the wallpaper is quite busy but actually wasn’t too difficult to match although I’ve never heard the words “deer’s arse” uttered so much in an afternoon, due to the woodland print. It was like playing deer arse snap. At one point I nearly created a rabbit/deer hybrid but rescued it!  Corners are a bugger, as are plug sockets so very thankful for help there. All in all though, really enjoyed it and for my first go I’m pretty pleased with myself.

After tidying up and putting the furniture back I got to do the bit that I enjoy, putting up the final twiddly bits. All the prints that get squirrelled away in my suitcase much to the hubs raised eyebrows, and hoarded brocante picture frames get to come out to play. I bought a set of vintage French botanical postcards, so busied myself prizing the backs off the €0.25 brocante picture frames and giving them a good clean. The Lino prints we bought from the Northern Monk craft fair went up next, one a wild hare, the other the rooftops of Sheffield, where the hubs grew up. I saw a beautiful wooden robin clock a couple of weeks ago at a Leeds street market and knew it would be perfect for here, and it absolutely is. 

Only trouble now, is that I really don’t want to get on a plane tomorrow. I want to go for a blustery walk, I want to light the wood burner. I want to pull up my furry blanket and read a book, while the cows look on and the leaves flutter down. But I can’t. I have work on Monday, and the dentist. Reality is we won’t be back to enjoy the fruits of our labour until next year. 

So, as ever I need to have a word with myself and remind myself how much we’ve done and how much we have to look forward to. The sad reality is that work is the thing that pays for the paint and the picture frames and the fluffy blankets. I don’t have to like it though.

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