Hobowife is busy.

Hi folks, it’s been too long. I promised you more blog posts but believe it or not, this being a lady of leisure lark is pretty damned time consuming….

Last couple of days have been spent in bed with a temperature, keeping Kleenex in business, but feeling (if not looking) a lot better today. I’ve added a picture from this morning’s walkies, could spring finally be here?

Written my article for May’s edition of French Property News, and they’ve very kindly asked me to be one of their 3 featured contributors this month, which means having to write a little (37 word) bio, and they need a head and shoulders shot of me, smiling. Firstly, trying to consolidate who you are into 37 words is bloody difficult and I think I’ve done a fairly poor job if it. Secondly, you’ll know from Instagram, I spend my time behind the camera not in front of it, so finding a photo that meets the above criteria, without me either ramming food into my face, pulling a very special expression, or holding a drink aloft is practically impossible. I’ve gone for a picture of me looking slightly constipated in Marie Antoinette’s garden at Petite Trianon at Versailles. That’ll give you something to look forward to won’t it my friends. I can’t take a new one today with my Rudolph hooter and eyes like certain holes in the snow….

Speaking of snow, it’s finally buggered off – hurrah! And you know I love snow, but I am so over it now. Only we would attempt to have some walls rendered outside, for them to just about be dry and ready for the next coat, as the first flurry of yet another blizzard sets in, and then repeat for the last 2-3 weeks…. Operation sort out the garden has somewhat stalled because of this, but a quick conversation with the renderer and we may have some clement weather in the next few days which might mean he can finally finish off – yay!

I’m also up to some other things behind the scenes which I can’t share just yet, but patience and all will be revealed!

I’ve started following the Facebook page of our local town in France and it’s a constant source of unbridled joy. I have translated the vampire grave news story from 1914 and it’s fascinating, you can read it here….  The Vampires of Bourganeuf

I’ve also read a newspaper article from the late 1800’s about a murder in our neighbouring village, can’t wait to get to grips with that one!

Being vegetarian is still pretty easy, and I’ve had time to find new recipes and properly cook which I’m absolutely loving. If you make any of the recipes I’ve shared go for the squash and pineapple curry. 👌

Lots going on! I promise I will try and blog more often, it’s just not good enough! TTFN x

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