Hello peeps.

I think it’s time to finally let the worst kept secret in Christendom officially out of the bag, especially as there’s an article in the current FPN magazine that’s just gone on sale that totally fesses up…..

We’re off.

After months of discussions with hubby’s work about being able to relocate and work remotely from France, we finally got the go ahead back in February, on the very same day I lost my job no less! Fate??

I went in to work to begin my handover the next day with more than a slight headache from the 2 celebratory bottles of prosecco we necked on a rainy Tuesday evening I can tell you!

So my absence here from blogging proper has been due to dealing with eBay halfwits, posting parcels, cleaning, painting, decluttering and all other relevant jobs needed to get our house here ready for valuation.

We’ve been held up a month by the ridiculous weather, meaning rendering the outside wall took forever, and the last piece of the puzzle, the blooming patio man should be here on Monday. (Will believe it when I see it at this stage) Once done, a final jet-wash, house clean and de clutter and we are Estate Agent ready!

We’ve ordered some lovely outdoor furniture which will arrive after our pending trip to France, and that should be us ready for photos etc.

Oh the fun of trying to live in a show home ready for last minute viewings when you have 2 dogs! I cannot wait, but it’s a necessary evil.

I still need to sort out pet passports for the fur babies, along with a gazillion other things including getting quotations for the big move – eek!

So much to do, but I can at least share progress with you in real time now, although close friends and family have known for a while, it feels good for it to be finally out there!

Wish us luck folks! Will have lots to share with you over the coming weeks.


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