We’re back!

Howdy folks! First day back in France, and settling in nicely.

After dropping the fur kids off at Carols (they were so pleased to see her), we headed off to the airport.

A most excellent call by the hubster by booking us into the 1903 lounge at Manchester T3. It’s just not big enough to handle the amount of people that go through it, you can’t get a seat, food and drink is a fortune, and the noise is akin to sitting inside a jet engine. Not so in the 1903 lounge. Excellent breakfast, tonnes of pastries, fresh juices, great coffee, unlimited prosecco, space between you and your fellow man and some peace and quiet!!! At 10.00am after my fourth glass, I did have to dial it down a notch, no one wants to be sat next to a slightly lairy hobo-wife at 30,000ft.

Flight was slightly delayed, ah well, but pretty uneventful. Big queue for passport control as per, but I feel that’s something we’re all going to have to get used to in days to come sadly….

I had a good old chin-wag with my seat buddy, a retired dental receptionist, a fellow Escape to the Chateau lover, so we had plenty to talk about. Well that and how she was going to marry Supervet.

Craig is massively disappointed that we got a Renault Clio hire car, rather than the Citroen C3 we wanted so he could give it a test drive. It might not be a bad fit for us when we move, so we wanted to take a closer look. Never mind.

Short pit-stop at Super-U for provisions and then we were soon home.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the space in the big house now the wall is down, and it’s exceeded all expectation. The beam is so gorgeous, we both love it to bits. Next job is to measure properly and finally get a kitchen layout worked out.

Lots to do, we’re both bushed, and Desert Island Disks won’t listen to itself….


PS really chuffed that I’ve just reached 2000 Instagram followers, I can’t quite believe it!


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