How much?

Spent an absolute fortune today.

Firstly, and this is my fault, I was so shattered last night that when I woke up this morning I wrongly assumed my iPad had automatically adjusted to the time difference (it hadn’t) so was an hour later than I thought. Oops.

What is it about travelling that’s so knackering, you spend most of it sat on your backside for heavens sake!

So, by the time I was up and had eaten it was very late morning, and properly throwing it down.

We headed off towards Limoges on a mission for paint, wallpaper paste, a power drill and palm sander, plus a reccy for a freestanding cooker for the gite and the usual gander at kitchens. Leroy Merlin is one of France’s answers to B&Q, and unsurprisingly to us anyway, general DIY sundries are massively more expensive than the U.K. A pack of dust masks was €12.50. How much!? We chose paint for the living room in the big house, and the hall in the gite, bought some more white for ceilings, wallpaper paste etc. Some picture frames and a couple of other bits.

By the time we were done in there (was heaving) it was 2.30 so hit McD’s for speed. We had a Mc Croque or something, their take on a croque monsieur, but it came with ham, so into the molten cheese I went fishing it out. Ouch.

Found a kitchen we liked in Darty, and not a bad price either so something to think about. Then off to the supermarche. Good lord it was busy. Saturday before a bank holiday but still! Our trolley was shameful, booze, snacks, and a tiny bit of token fruit ( to ward off scurvy). You can spend forever in a French supermarket, they have so much cool stuff. I have some lovely craft beer swag to try. I am only 9 away from reaching 500 unique beers on the untappd app now. #proud. I spend my time wisely you know.

Also spotted a lovely restaurant close to the back entrance to the supermarket which we’ll have to try. Also our lilac (that I didn’t know I’d got) is in full bloom and smells gorgeous!

Anyhow, shattered so bedtime it is. Fresh air and woodsmoke is like horse-tranquilliser for me. Zzzz….



  1. Congratulations to you both for deciding to make the move to France on a more permanent basis, Good luck with getting your gite ready & all your future renovations to the main house, where is your nearest hamlet/commune? Would love to see where your house is located and what you plan to do while living in France full-time. Lorraine.


    • Hi Lorraine and thankyou! We live in St Pierre Cherignat, which is about 15 minutes from the medieval market town of Bourganeuf and about 45 minutes from Limoges. I’ve just started contributing to where my first article explains a bit more about both of us and our circumstances. If I was cleverer with WordPress I’d share a link, but not quite there yet. I’ll get better 😀.

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